Windows and macOS beta available

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

UPDATE (06/11/2017): none of the two client apps are in beta state anymore. New major versions can be downloaded from the tutorials page, auto-update to be rolled-out in the coming days. 

The new client software for Windows and macOS featuring the re-design already implemented in latest iOS and Android apps is now available for testing.
Please note that this is a beta testing version and your feedback is very important. Therefore, please get in touch to report issues/bugs you may find in functionality, as well as suggestions for improvements of existing features/design.

Windows beta (build 141, release date 30/10/2017)

Virustotal result

- OpenVPN ECC and 256-bit usable in all locations. See the release notes below. 
- Available as a portable client, no need to be installed. Unzip it to a subfolder and run it from there.
- You can have the current stable version (3.7) installed at the same time, but you need to add your VPN user/pass in the beta.
- Being new software (also not digitally signed), it's likely that your antivirus/security software won't like it. You may need to whitelist or un-quarantine it.

macOS beta (build 80, release date 30/10/2017)

- Unlike Windows client, this has to be fully installed. Remove current stable macOS VPN.AC client and install the beta.
- Re-adding your VPN user/pass is required, make sure you know them or know how to change the VPN password/view the VPN username in Client Area under Service Details before using the beta client.
- To install it, you will need to open System preferences > Security and Privacy > allow it to run.

Important notes:

- Issues related to crashing and stability issues are high priority.
- Cosmetic/design issues are low to medium priority.
- This page will be updated regularly once a new version is available and we will publish a changelog to keep track of changes/fixes.
- We are expecting the beta versions to be ready for stable rollout in October. 
- Windows beta: we received a few notices about the stable client not starting on system startup. If you test the startup function ("Launch on startup") and it doesn't work, open the client > disable and re-enable the checkbox, check the log and send it to us. It should include info related to the system task scheduler and potential errors.
- When you get in touch with us, regardless of method (ticketing, email, Wire, Jabber etc.) please add the "beta" tag in the subject so we can track everything efficiently. Also include info related to your setup (OS version), details of an issue and steps to reproduce it. 

Release notes (Windows build 141 - 30/10/2017)

- fixed a problem with auto-start on system boot
- minor fixes/improvements

Previous major changes:

- added TLS obfuscation for OpenVPN ECC and OpenVPN 256-bit, also changed ports. 
- corrected DPI scaling 
- added built-in fix for some DHCP issues with OpenVPN not assigning IP (connected but not able to access the Internet)
- "Block IPv6" checked by default
- several fixes since previous public beta release

Release notes (macOS build 80 - 30/10/2017)

- changed assigned DNS resolver from (internal) to a public OpenDNS server. While connected to VPN, all traffic goes through our DNS resolvers anyway, hence no need to assign an internal DNS resolver. 
- fixed an issue with icon colors
- fixed a bug with locations submenus disappearing

Previous major changes:

- fixed a bug which may result in network conflicts (decreased Wi-Fi speed)
- several minor bug-fixes

Update 17/08 (reported issues)

scroll direction (in locations, maybe other places) inversed on Windows, acting like macOS native
- vertical left margin visible for on/off icon (dark theme)
when selecting any of the zones/continents category in locations and click the refresh icons, it will populate with the European locations
- description font too small, we'll increase font size and see how it looks

What's new

- The new design implementation, featuring two themes (dark and light). 
- server selection separated per zones/continents. 
- Protocol and port selection moved to Advanced tab by default.
- Auto-connect possible when selecting other locations. 
- Fixed a reconnection when resuming from sleep problem on macOS. 
- Gray/white icons for macOS instead of blue/red (current macOS design relies on monochrome toolbar icons). 
- Other improvements and fixes. 

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